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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Etharkum Thuninthavan Movie Download Tamilrockers

Etharkum Thuninthavan Movie Download Tamilrockers : Etharkum Thuninthavan' The beginning and the first half of the film reflect both the director's pressure and confusion in presenting a serious subject in a star-studded mass film. The opening of the film by cutting out the parallel storylines that get the full picture only near the end of the film is confusing to look at. 

The intermittent interplay of the protagonist and the villain, who have no significant contact until the break, also affects the flow of vision. Pandiraj portrays Surya in a crucial scene without giving any hints. The film shifts to a more serious mode at intervals as it simply tells the colorful songs and the protagonist's family and love life.

The second half is about giving up the overall loose character of the film in the first half. The director has given a clear explanation in the background of the life of the protagonist as to why he is risking his life even while playing the savior in a mass film. 

The reason is that the audience feels the emotional connection in such a way that they can not ask any questions. The second half succeeds in establishing an emotional connection with the audience, moving into a thriller character and ending in a tense ending. The writer, who was also the director in the second half, did not take the loose approach of the script in the first half. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Etharkum Thuninthavan Tamil Movie

'Etharkum Thuninthavan' 'Dare to do anything' is to go to any lengths to rescue women who are being robbed by men with perverted thoughts. Vinay, who grows up in the main point blanket in both the North and the South, where he gives the girl as a relative and takes the girl, forms a gang for his own pleasure and commits many misdeeds. 

Thus some lives are lost. Surya, who discovers their faults, reveals the villain's real face in the midst of his troubles, what path he chooses for it, what the gang does, and how their family helps and influences the screenplay for 'Anything Dare'.

Both the films 'Soorarai Pottru' and 'Jai Beam' released after 'Kaappaan' showed Surya as a running material from a different angle. In these, Surya, who played the protagonist of the story, decided to go down as a 'protagonist' pakka commercial material for the fans who could not celebrate himself on the big screen for almost 900+ days as if he had done the 'Anything Dare' story okay.

Surya movie Etharkum Thuninthavan - 2022

Surya, who plays the lawyer Kannapiran, captivates the audience with his usual excellent performance from comedy, dance, emotion, action to his entry scene to the climax. The action scenes that come as the break approaches, 'Ion' reminds Surya that the theater vibrates as he loots his girlfriend and parents in the first half.

 In the fight scene that comes before the break, 'I am Kottu Potta Judge Vara, Vettiya Katuna, Nantanda Judge' is the puck theater momentum that Surya has done for his fans.

Priyanka Mohan as Surya's girlfriend. Priyanka's quirks in Surya's love scenes, the courage she shows in daring to face the problem she is facing, and the emotion in the second half, stick in the minds of the audience with the limited amount of opportunity she gets as a sensitive thing.

 The doctor has stressed his credit again after the film. Vinay as the stylish villain in the village. Introduces showing villainy. Performance that is not too meticulous even in fight scenes. Despite expressing appropriate acting for the role, his single facial expression makes Doctor feel like a sequel to the film.

 The way his character is written, he is a regular villain in Tamil cinema. It may have shown him with a little more villainy to suit the need of the story. Selected actors like Sathyaraj, Saranya Ponvannan, Prince, Suri are making good use of the opportunity available to them.

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